Does baldness have natural solutions? Discover 4 foods that can help you

If you urgently got to stop your hair loss but don’t want to use baldness medications like Finasteride, which have side effects like reduced libido and impotence … I bring excellent news here for you.
But first, I would like to elucidate to you ways baldness, or androgenetic alopecia occurs in men.

Understand the causes of baldness

It is very important that you understand the causes of baldness and what your hormones have to do with hair loss.

This problem is linked to the conversion of the main male hormone, testosterone, to DHT (dihydrotestosterone). As the year’s pass, it is natural for your testosterone levels to drop by about 1% a year. And that happens, my dear, since you are 30 years old.

From this moment on, one of the ways your body “compensates” for that loss is by creating more DHT. But the problem is that your hair follicles don’t get along very well with this hormone.

This is because it causes the reduction of your hair, that is, your hair will be weaker, with less thick hair and clearing will start to appear on your head. In addition to converting testosterone to DHT, there are several other factors that can contribute to baldness, such as stress, lack of restful sleep, metabolic problems, and hypothyroidism.

What natural foods help regrow hair?

As you have already known about baldness. so this is time to how to treat baldness
Here are we will discuss five food that will help to treat baldness

Saw palmetto: Also known as Serenoa Repens, saw palmetto has anti-inflammatory power and acts directly to release your hair follicles, facilitating the growth of your hair.
But will saw palmetto be useful altogether levels of baldness? Certainly not!
It will be far more useful in cases of baldness within the beginning. If you’ve got already lost much of your hair, it’ll not have the specified effect.

Complex B vitamins : Of the B vitamins, especially biotin (B7) and pantothen (B5) are going to be effective in protecting you from baldness.

Biotin has the function of accelerating the thickness and proliferation of your hair. It also “feeds” keratin, which is the main structural protein in hair.

Pantothenic acid, on the opposite hand, works there in your adrenal glands to balance your hormones which will hinder your hair growth, like cortisol, referred to as the “stress hormone”.

Beta-sitosterol: Beta-sitosterol may be a powerful nutrient that inhibits the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, which converts your body’s testosterone into DHT.

Studies show that 60 percent of men using beta-sitosterol experience less hair loss and better hair growth.

Ginkgo Biloba: Used for several centuries by traditional Chinese medicine, the leaves of this tree, which may reach 40 meters tall, are very suitable for various health problems. Also known for its benefits to the guts, ginkgo acts mainly on circulation which is why it’s also excellent for combating hair loss.
By increasing blood circulation within the scalp area, it allows the arrival of essential nutrients for hair growth and maintenance, like biotin and iron. For standardized dry extract, a secure amount is up to 60 mg twice each day.

For tea, use one dessert spoon of chopped plant for every cup of water. Make a tea by infusion and drink two to 3 cups each day. don’t exceed the suggested amount.

However, before using, be careful: the plant is basically fantastic, but you’ve got to take care. ginkgo can interact with several classes of medicine, like antidepressants, anticonvulsants, antihypertensives, and anticoagulants.

That is, the plant can both potentiate the action of medicines, also as reduce their action.

Korean ginseng: Like beta-sitosterol, Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng) also promotes hair growth by increasing the blood supply to the scalp. In one study, volunteers who used Panax ginseng had hair growth, with thicker strands than those who did not.

Note: If you’re beginning to go bald, ask your doctor about these natural alternatives before brooding about taking a chemical medicine filled with side effects. So, your hair will come without your health being harmed!

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