Does green tea lose weight? Benefits and how to consume

Did you realize that green tea referred to in a helpful eating regimen, this famous Asian beverage can be an extraordinary partner in your healthy and authoritative weight loss.

As indicated by examines, people who drank green tea figured out how to get lose weight substantially more fundamentally than the individuals who drank fake treatment.

This is on the grounds that, there are mixes called “catechins” in green tea that can lessen weight, making you assimilate less fat through the digestive tract, and which diminishes insulin affectability, connected to weight gain. Also, researchers demonstrate that green tea thins in light of the fact that it supports great microscopic organisms, rebalancing intestinal nature.

Health benefits of green tea

Now that you know that green tea can work very well in healthy weight loss, we have listed here other benefits of the drink that can protect our health from various problems.

## Green tea protects your heart and reduces mortality from a heart attack

Green tea keeps arteries clean and improves blood pressure because it has properties that break down and dissolve fatty plaques in blood vessels.
What’s more, an enormous Japanese investigation of 40,530 grown-ups found that the individuals who drank in excess of five cups of green tea daily had a 26% lower danger of death from coronary episodes than the individuals who drank short of what one cup a day.

## Green tea prevents various types of cancer

Did you know that green tea polyphenols can prevent or fight various types of cancer? Researchers say that green tea drinkers have a lower risk for cancers of the colon, stomach, and throat.
In some research, the drink has even managed to reverse cancer of the bladder, lung, pancreas, breast, prostate, ovaries, and more.

## Green tea reduces pain and helps treat rheumatoid arthritis

Because it has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, green tea has been identified as an important food to reduce swelling, stiffness, and joint pain.
In the preliminary, delivered by the National Center for Integrative and Complementary Health in the United States, the analysts confirmed – in research utilizing creature models – that utilization of green tea decreased the seriousness of rheumatoid joint pain.

How to consume?

Studies suggest that an ideal amount is three to four cups of green tea a day.

Avoid ready-made green tea in cans or bottles, as it certainly contains sugar, sweeteners, or preservatives. There are also green tea extract supplements in capsule form, in addition to the organic green tea powder itself, often known as matcha.

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