7 Health Benefits Of Playing Sports

There are many of us who have chosen a healthier lifestyle today and we hate the lifestyle that comes from practicing sports. As people choose a variety of sports options, such as running, cycling, calisthenics, or going to the gym, these have become the most common sports options for them to practice. Let’s choose to practice some.

Let’s get rid of some excuses that we don’t want to play games


Another thing we should destroy is the time when we have to practice some games. You can always take the time to practice a few games, yes, look for a game that motivates you. First, we have to organize ourselves, first, it will be enough to practice this game for 20 to 30 minutes. Once our games demand growth, we don’t need to increase the time, 20 or 30 minutes that we dedicate will be enough, but we have to increase the intensity of the exercise.


We should not think that practicing sports will be a significant financial constraint, as there are many non-spending options while practicing the ability of the chosen sport. As we mentioned earlier, walking, jogging, or calisthenics exercises are just some of the sports that can be played outside, at no cost to those who practice it.

The game that inspires us

All games are good, and the truth is not as mythical, but we should look for a game that motivates us, especially for beginners. Then, as advice, we must continue to innovate and incorporate new exercises in order to enjoy all the psychological benefits that exercise provides us. When we practice a game, it is important to innovate so as not to fall into the trap of practice. That way, we can overcome the challenges of how we feel better.

We all know that finding a 100% inspirational sport from scratch is complicated, as the offer is endless from walking, cycling, calisthenics, bodybuilding, martial arts, yoga, pilates, etc., but they are endless. All provide us with physical and psychological benefits, we just have to make the choice we like and motivate the most.

So, let’s leave the sofa as a way of life and practice sports knowing the psychological benefits.

The psychological benefits of playing sports

1. Memory

Memory also improves with physical exercise. Physical exercise, in the hippocampus, improves neurogenesis, which is the nucleus of memory. The neonatal reincarnation that promotes this process is in favor of memory. In addition to memory, there is a noticeable improvement, which is very beneficial in trying to avoid attention problems or similar illnesses in childhood and adolescence, such as excessive fear loss, which is actually school. The main problem is a failure. Classroom.

Therefore, as a psychological benefit of the game, we have found that it is beneficial for memory, which in turn is beneficial for other related areas. The more you move, the more self-perceived we are and so we usually pay more attention to the details.

2. Social efficiency

Sport improves social skills. This point is closely linked to self-esteem because when we play sports and we start to look and feel better, our social self also benefits. We see the world from a different perspective, allowing us to leave our comfort zone, meet new people, and face new situations.

3. Productivity

Many major companies, such as Google or Apple, set up locations at their headquarters to practice the game. In addition, they speculate that employees, in their schedule, incorporate sports into the workday, as this increases productivity. As we have said before, the regular practice of sports improves memory and concentration, therefore, it is clear that it increases the productivity of the workers.

Training intensively helps in the production of various substances, hormones, and proteins such as BDNF proteins, which improve performance, decision making, and learning. This obviously contributes to productivity at work and that is why more and more companies are choosing to hire people who are active in sports.

4. It makes us feel good

Most people associate it with fatigue, sweating, stiffness, but as we said before, first we will look for a moderate exercise to establish it in our routine, we are not going to become an Olympic athlete at the same time. Fatigue, sweating, and stiffness will be present in this first stage, but not only will they be our companions in it, but we will also begin to secrete many more endorphins.

Endorphins are a hormone that provides well-being and norepinephrine, a chemical responsible for the brain’s response to various stressful situations that we may face throughout the day, and which, in the long run, maybe Will assist us in managing stressful situations.

Therefore, the psychological benefit of exercise is (among others) the lack of anxiety, through the secretion of two of our own body substances, which are healthy for us, endorphins, and norepinephrine.

5. Improve self-esteem

Self-esteem is the value or idea that a person has for himself. Self-esteem is improved because when we practice sports we begin to see ourselves better and we begin to achieve the goal of self-reflection that makes us feel better about ourselves. When we talk about self-reflection, we completely distance ourselves from the social constructions of the beauty canon, which all serve incredible goals. We need to set realistic goals and be aware of our self-image goals.

In addition, we will have more, will, more resistance, and more agility in running our daily activities.

6. Prevention of intellectual decline

When we, unfortunately, due to the maximum, and significant longevity, we find ourselves with degenerative – cognitive disorders. Diseases such as senile dementia or even Alzheimer’s. Constant sports practice, being one of its most powerful enemies, prevents intellectual decline.

Our brain needs to be in constant arousal, otherwise, it can exploit. There are many benefits to activating the brain

7. Allies against drugs

Sport is an essential ally against drugs. Addiction to substances such as tobacco or alcohol has a lot to do with addictive lifestyle. So, when we start practicing sports, these drugs go back to the background. This is the reason why more and more doctors are including sports as a complement to the treatment of addictive behaviors.

The Bottom line

Incorporating sports into our daily routine can only bring positive things, we will feel more relaxed, we will improve our self-esteem and most of all it takes us away from the horrible fragrant lifestyle in which our current jobs Are subject. Don’t hesitate and start looking for the psychological benefits that sport brings us.

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