The benefits of the Sun Mushroom (Agaricus) in the treatment of cancer

Approximately 30 years ago, researchers began to investigate a medical peculiarity among the population of Piedade, a Brazilian municipality located in the state of Sao Paulo.

The residents of this small community close to the state capital were in extraordinarily good health: they were ill and their lives were unusually long. Outsiders began to ask what was increasing the immunity and life span of this small community. In their search for answers, the researchers found the sun mushroom. Depending on the version of the story, two researchers at the State University of Pennsylvania or Taktoshi Furumoto, a Japanese farmer who lived in Brazil, solved the question.

He (or they) found a small wild mushroom that the natives ate regularly because they believed it was in good health. It was popularly known as “Mushroom of the gods” or “Mushroom of the Sun”.

Is Sun mushroom good for cancer patients?

As of late, specialists have affirmed that Sun Mushroom or Agaricus contains an assortment of wellbeing advancing segments: vitamins B1 and B2, niacin, phosphorus, iron, calcium, protein, amino acids, and ergosterol (which transforms into nutrient D2 in dry mushroom).

Above all, the analysts found that Sun Mushroom contains a lot of dynamic polysaccharides – complex carbohydrates, most normally found in nourishments, for example, wheat, rice, and potatoes – that invigorate the insusceptible framework to battle viral and bacterial maladies.

In a few examinations, Agaricus has been appeared to invigorate the creatures’ invulnerable framework and forestall the development of tumors.

What foods stop tumor growth?

At the Ehime University School of Medicine in Japan, analysts tried the effect of the Sun Mushroom or Agaricus on tumors.

Twenty days of treatment with specific concentrates (800 mg/kg every day orally) slow down, somewhere in the range of 80% and 90%, tumor development in rodents with malignant growth. The specialists established that the tumor-easing back operator was ergosterol, steroidal liquor that happens normally in wheat spurs and beer yeast.

A subsequent test was done, applying oral dosages of ergosterol (somewhere in the range of 100 and 800 mg/kg) every day in mice with tumors, for a time of 20 days.

The treatment essentially diminished the development of dangerous cells in a portion subordinate way, that is, the impact and adequacy of the substance are legitimately corresponding to the portion. Rodents that got the most elevated dosages had 85.5% less tumor development than rodents that got fake treatments.

Be that as it may, ergosterol didn’t straightforwardly annihilate malignancy cells. Rather, it repressed the advancement of fresh blood vessels inside the tumor – a procedure that can stop and even opposite its development.

The treatment likewise brought another advantage: following 20 days, none of the mice endured the symptoms commonly brought about by chemotherapy.

Where to find the Sun Mushroom?

Unfortunately, approaching Agaricus mushrooms is troublesome. All things considered, 80% and temperatures that arrive at 38ºC during the day and tumble to 20ºC during the night.

Notwithstanding, some enhancement organizations have begun creating Sun Mushroom tablets. No clinical tests have been distributed on these enhancements – every single distributed investigation manages the food remove. Enhancements for the most part contain entire mushrooms that have been solidified and made into powder.

Hence, the specific effect of Agaricus supplementation isn’t known, however, the encounters referred to make us less wary.

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