The rainbow diet to protect the prostate

Clearly, the colored palette here doesn’t allude to your apparel or your decision of house dividers. we recommend is on phytochemicals, natural substances found in the skin of vegetables and fruits. They are responsible for giving color, aroma, flavor to food, and can even save your health.
Examination shows that phytonutrients help our cells to discuss better with one another, are calming, powerful cancer prevention antioxidants, and definitive during the time spent illness counteraction and relapse.

Accordingly, we have arranged a guide of the perfect hues for every manifestation, the genuine rainbow diet that ventures benefits in any event, for the prostate, the “Male Gland”.

What promotes a healthy prostate?

Reddish fruits and vegetables are rich in lycopene, the pigment responsible for making your fruit red. This popular phytonutrient is rich in antioxidants that fight premature aging caused by free radicals.
Precisely for this reason, it is already known that lycopene is a friend of the prostate in the fight against cancer, in addition to being able to prevent urinary infections and prostatic hyperplasia.

The male gland, in fact, is the part of the body that concentrates the largest amount of lycopene, and studies of physiology show that this antioxidant has an action directed to inflammatory agents.

Purple, ideal for diabetics and a natural anti-wrinkle

Purple and black foods contain a substance called anthocyanin. It has antioxidant properties capable of protecting our cells against non-communicable diseases, such as cancer, stroke, heart disease, and also helps to keep blood pressure under control. These purple or blue fruits are so powerful that they are already considered the healthiest foods in the world. The blueberry, one of the most cited, is already popularly known as the fruit of longevity.

The University of Wuyi, in China, in association with the University of Rhode Island and the University Salve Regina, both in the United States, had shown the counter glycation impact of blueberry and blackberry.
Glycation is nothing more than the union of glucose and protein molecules that are responsible for the aging of our skin (such as wrinkles). Therefore, sugar acts directly on your aging. While the blue fruits act in a reverse way, natural anti-wrinkles.

The canarinho lands offer jabuticaba.

An examination by Lund University in Sweden demonstrated the cancer prevention agent limit of jabuticaba strip, just as its dynamic job in diminishing serum insulin. Great natural product for diabetics? Truly, we have!

Orange, ideal to recover tired eyes

Carrot carotenoid, called beta-carotene, is a phytonutrient.
Yellow or orange fruits and vegetables are converted into vitamin A within our body, which is great for vision health and for the prevention of age-related macular degeneration.

As a gift, vitamin C present in this yellow list also strengthens your immune system and has an ideal action in cardiovascular protection.

Green, ideal for anti-tumor action and body strengthening

Green, ideal for anti-tumor action and body strengthening
Green fruits and vegetables contain many healthy phytochemicals for us, including Indol-3-CarbiNol, a potent anticancer.
In addition to its anti-tumor action, this nutrient balances the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone and contributes to the proper functioning of the glands in the endocrine system of women and men.

And there’s more! Green foods are rich in vitamin K, very important for proper blood circulation, and are also safe sources of iron, taking a toll on your tiredness and anemia.

White, ideal for recovering tired heart and brain

At least on your plate, white is far from a dull color.
Flavin, the name of the phytochemical that makes a few nourishments whitish, was at one time the subject of study at a Dutch college.
The analysts found that individuals who eat light-hued products of the soil are less in danger of creating coronary illness and being found napping by a stroke.

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