5 Exercises To Lose Belly Fat And Weight

Losing the intestines, that is, the fat stored in the abdomen is not easy. The belly that you accumulate over the months, or years, easily represents all the extra weight. It can be understood that a person is obese or dirty by looking at his ly. losing fat in this area of ​​the body is quite complicated, so people who go to the gym regularly, spend months, exercise, and often do not get the expected results.

The truth is that there are exercises to lose weight in record time. This is a series of exercises that, if done correctly and consistently, will reduce the fat accumulated in the area, achieving a smooth and smooth stomach. Also, you do not have to go to the gym to practice these exercises. You can do them at home. Here’s a summary of 5 key exercises to lose weight at home:

Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Quick

1. Girdle

In plaque is to invert the body. However, the idea is that you stay supportive on your hips while your feet make contact with the ground in a vertical line. You should stay in this position, maintaining your balance for about 20 seconds. Repeat these twenty seconds for 5 sets. If you want to try more, stay for 1 minute.

2. Frog kicks

This exercise involves placing the hands and hips on the floor and then extending the legs and bending the knees slightly. The idea is to start moving your legs back and forth. For this, you should add the stomach as mentioned above. If you want to do the most intense exercises, get your hands off the ground. It is recommended to do this exercise 10 to 20 times to lose weight.

3. Leg raises

In this exercise, you are lying on your back while keeping your arms in the outer area. The legs should be stretched well. Then, keeping your legs together, you should lift them in such a way that you feel as if a rope is lifting them. If you hold your legs in a high area for several seconds, the effect of the exercise is greatly increased, it results in fat loss and smoothing of the abdomen.

4. Abdominal stretch

This is another exercise to lose weight. Easy to perform, but effective. It is also known as Dorsal. To do this, you should lie face down, with your hands at the level of your chest. Everything else will motivate you to raise your head and expand your breasts. It’s as if it’s an inverted stomach.

5. Crunch on the floor

This is an exercise where you need to lie on your back. Your legs should bend while resting your feet on the floor. You should place your hands behind your head, and push your body up. The idea is that you perform 3 series daily, each representing a total of 20 repetitions of this exercise. These exercises can be more effective if you lift your feet slightly off the ground.

The Bottom line

To do these exercises you will need a dose of good commitment. The idea is that you constantly motivate yourself and imagine what the end result will be, a flat stomach. Everything else is getting a balanced diet and living a healthy life. Remember, being jealous flat ab doesn’t mean you have to spend money on the gym, just practice at home.

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