How can I get rid of diabetes permanently?

Many people say that diabetes is an irreversible disease. But this statement is not true, there is a natural treatment for diabetes, with simple tips and care.

So don’t believe what they say about diabetes being an irreversible disease.

It is possible to treat diabetes naturally through simple steps, without the need for heavy medications, injections, and hours and hours of physical exercise.

Currently, the biggest problem faced by people who have diabetes is that they enter a vicious cycle of medications that has no end, this only worsens the patient’s situation.

The vicious cycle of diabetes

The vicious cycle of people with diabetes works more or less in this way:

The person with diabetes starts by taking the medicine to control the glucose level. Soon after, she starts a diet that has flaws, causing the glucose level to increase.
This is because restrictive recommendations from doctors and nutritionists require you to count carbohydrates and calories, thereby increasing blood sugar levels.

Still, even with the discipline to follow the proposed diet plan, when the person returns to the doctor, they are in a situation in relation to diabetes.

The health professional, observing all these factors, increases the dosage of the medicine, which causes side effects on the liver or thyroid – a situation that will require another medication.
For these reasons, this is precisely why a large part of the population has the idea that diabetes has no cure, when, in fact, there is a natural treatment for diabetes.

Do you have prediabetes? Caution!

Before presenting the steps for a natural treatment for diabetes and what transforming attitudes we should practice, I would like to ask a question: “are you pre-diabetic? “.

Today’s society has more and more people with pre-diabetes or diabetes, in addition to the growing increase in obesity, which in itself can already cause serious problems.
Even if you do not have symptoms of diabetes, it is necessary to talk to your doctor to find out what your health status is regarding insulin, because nowadays, common eating mistakes end up predisposing you to diseases.

How do I know if I have prediabetes?

If on a laboratory test your fasting blood sugar is between 108 and 125 mg / dL, you are diagnosed as pre-diabetic, but if you are above 125 mg / dL, you are already considered diabetic.

In the case of the pre-diabetic, it comes down to when your cells start to have insulin resistance and there is a difficulty for the cell to absorb glucose, as it should enter the cells to generate energy, but ends up accumulating in the blood.

To solve this problem, often the first step that your doctor will tell you is to start using a medication generically known as Metformin.

However, what they didn’t tell you is that, over time, Metformin creates more problems than it solves. At a minimum, the use of metformin causes vitamin B12 deficiency, which is essential for energy generation.
Research says that, over the years, about 70 to 75 percent pre-dr percent of people diagnosed with diabetes will progress to diabetes.

So, if you have been diagnosed with prediabetes and start treatment with drugs that make it more difficult to diagnose than help, you will most likely develop diabetes.

Can metformin cause high blood sugar?

You must be thinking: how can a medication that is developed to prevent diabetes be the cause of the problem? We have an explanation.

Metformin, like all medication, has side effects. One is of particular concern, as recent studies show that Metformin leads to a reduction in TSH levels. For 25 years, researchers have studied data on more than 74,000 people taking Metformin. Compared to another diabetes drug, Metformin was associated with a 55 percent higher risk of lowering TSH levels. And here’s the most ironic part: low TSH levels increase your risk of diabetes.

So Metformin, the same drug your doctor prescribes for pre-diabetes, lowers your TSH levels and, as a result, increases the laughter of developing diabetes.
For these reasons, Metformin should only be used for a short period of time or if used in conjunction with the steps for a natural treatment for diabetes more safely, as it will be listed at the latest of this post.

It is always necessary to weigh the pros and cons of any treatment for a disease, in order to bring only the best for health, with the least possible side effects.

What is the best natural remedy for diabetes?

Consuming the right nutrients can lower blood glucose and still cure the dreaded disease. So, let’s move on to the four steps to natural diabetes treatment, making your diet more balanced, with really tasty foods that don’t change your glucose level.

Which fat is good for fat loss?

When you eat primarily of fats, the generation of energy from them produces ketone bodies, a type of “fuel” that has been shown to be potent in weight loss, lowering blood glucose levels, and reliance on medicines.

So one of the ways to treat diabetes naturally is to follow a ketogenic diet rich in good fats, vegetables and legumes, and protein such as red meat, raw milk derived from animals raised on pasture, lard, coconut oil, olive oil, almonds, and deep-sea wild fish.

Why is the keto diet so successful?

  • Reduction of triglycerides;
  • High blood pressure reduction;
  • Improvement of mental performance;
  • Improvement of HDL (good cholesterol) levels.

This ketogenic diet (without sugar, refined and industrialized carbohydrates, and hydrogenated vegetable oils) is what will ensure that your body is nourished and satiated for longer.

Use vanadium sulfate in your food

Vanadium sulfate is a trace mineral, little known, that mimics the action of insulin, taking glucose from the blood to the cells where it can be used as energy. In addition, vanadium sulfate is one of the forms of natural treatment for diabetes, as it promotes improved insulin and liver sensitivity in individuals with type 2 diabetes.

In one study, the use of vanadium sulfate reduced blood glucose in 8 people with type 2 diabetes. In another study, people with diabetes took vanadium supplements daily, after just three weeks of treatment with sulfate, the average sugar levels in the blood decreased by 10 percent.

It is recommended to ingest 500 mcg of vanadium sulfate three times a day. It is emphasized not to exceed 10 mg in a day, it is also recommended to avoid the use of sulfate in pregnant women and lactating women.

What is the best herb for lowering blood sugar?

## Eat guava

Eat guava

Guava, for example, is a great ally for people with diabetes, as it controls blood sugar levels. In addition, the stems, leaves, and fruits of this fruit block the digestion of carbohydrates. It’s a real natural remedy for diabetes, isn’t it?

Therefore, guava is a truly natural treatment for diabetes.

The tropical fruit prevents the elevation of blood sugar and, consequently, the body needs lesser amounts of insulin. This mechanism makes it less likely that you will develop insulin resistance, being another option for treating diabetes naturally.

Another powerful way is to consume guava tea.

In addition to guava, there are other important fruits that act as a natural remedy for diabetes, one of which is the Caetano melon.

## Take sun

Did you know that vitamin D decreases your risk of diabetes?
Low levels of vitamin D are directly linked to insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, and type 2 diabetes.
According to studies, vitamin D deficiency can increase your risk of diabetes by 91 percent.

Take sun

You can get a lot of vitamin D from exposure to the sun, especially between 10 am and 2 pm, but remember, expose yourself without protection until you are pink.
It is recommended to consume foods rich in vitamin D, such as sardines, free-range chicken eggs, beef, liver, and dairy products from animals raised on pasture.
In the case of diabetes, also supplement your vitamin D with 10,000 IU per day. Don’t forget to also supplement vitamin K, calcium, and magnesium.

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