Effective Home Remedies To Treat Red Eyes

Do you have red eyes too? There is no need to worry. There can be many reasons for this. Red-eye is one such condition. Which can be caused by not taking care of the eyes. Red eyes can be painful. It can also cause irritation and inflammation in the eyes. However red eyes are not a serious problem. But treatment is very important. Which can be done at home. With the help of home remedies, which we will present next.

There are many causes of red eyes. But it is usually caused by dilation of small blood vessels between the sclera and the overlying conjunctiva. It can also be a sign of a serious illness. And there are other reasons for red eyes. Which are as follows.

  • Dry eyes
  • Smoke
  • Dry air
  • Dust
  • Eye allergic
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Wear contact lenses
  • Digital eye strain
  • Eye infections
  • Eye trauma or injury
  • Recent eye surgery
  • Uveitis
  • Acute
  • Corneal ulcer
  • Allergens in the air
  • Air pollution
  • Air-borne fumes
  • Chemical exposure
  • Overexposure to sunlight

The Best Ways to Get Rid of Red Eyes

natural remedies for red eyes

Cold compresses

Cold compresses are an effective and natural remedy for red eyes. It helps reduce the redness of your eyes and relax the blood vessels. For the treatment of red eyes, apply a soft cloth dipped in water on your eyes for 5-10 minutes.


Rosewater has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Which can help relieve red eyes. In addition, it is considered to be effective in reducing eye irritation and swelling. Soak a cotton pad in rose water and apply it to your eyes for 10-15 minutes to reduce redness of the eyes.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a powerful remedy for eye health. This is because aloe vera has powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They reduce red eyes as well as prevent eye irritation. In addition, due to the presence of vitamins and amino acids in aloe vera, it helps in nourishing and moisturizing the skin and eyes and fighting the infection. Mix aloe vera gel in water to relieve red eyes. And keep it in the fridge to cool. Once cool, apply it to your eyes with a cotton pad. Thus aloe vera will help reduce red eyes.

Witch hazel

Witch hazel is a good remedy for red eyes. Dan hazel is a plant found in North America. Which has been used for decoration for many years. Because it has anti-inflammatory properties. Which helps in reducing red eyes as well as preventing inflammation etc. In addition, it is considered to be effective in keeping the eyes hydrated and fighting infections. It should not be applied directly to the eyes to relieve red eyes. It should be used through compress.


Cucumber can also help maintain eye health. Because cucumber contains acid. Which helps to relax the blood vessels in the eyes. Thus it helps in reducing red eyes as well as reducing inflammation and swelling in the eyes. For the treatment of red eyes cut cucumber slices and keep them in the fridge. And after cooling, apply the piece to your eyes. You should do this two to three times a day.

Tea bags

Teabags can also be used to treat red eyes. This is because it contains flavonoids and tannins, caffeine, and antioxidants. Which can cure red eyes. It also helps to constrict the blood vessels in the eye. Keep a tea bag in the fridge to relieve red eyes. After it cools, apply it to your eyes.

Bottom line

As we mentioned above, there are many causes of red eyes. So we should take good care of the eyes to prevent redness of the eyes. If your eyes are red. You can use the above home remedies. home remedies are the easiest and cheapest option. In addition, there are many other medicines on the market. Which can help you get rid of red eyes. But one thing to keep in mind is to consult your eye doctor before using any medication. Because the use of the wrong medicine can be harmful to your eyes. In addition, you must have your eyes checked once a year to maintain eye health.

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