Hawthorn: Uses And Health Benefits

Hawthorn looks like a tree or a bush. It is scientifically known as Krategas levigate. It has been used for various medical purposes in the areas of England since the 13th century. The various purposes of using hawthorn are to promote circulation, action cleavage, and even lower levels of anxiety. Therefore, it is one of the essential tools of life that we lead in the 21st century.

How can we identify it?

We will recognize the Hawthorn for its hard bark and evergreen tree, whose flowers are white, as its name implies.

Effects of hawthorn

Hawthorn is a plant that has many benefits

  • Helps relieve pain
  • Sedative

The 5 most important uses of hawthorn

Hawthorn is commonly used when we express problems related to:

Heart: Improves circulation through its antioxidants, thus improving cardiovascular health.
Insomnia: Its sedative components help the body to relax, in favor of the action needed during the later stages of sleep as well as during the resting stages.
Muscle problems: Being calm, sedative, and relaxed, it is beneficial for all those small muscle problems.
Anxiety: Its flavonoids regulate the states of anxiety and worry.
Urinary Tract Infections: Its diuretic properties help in the production of urine which helps in expelling toxins, as well as bacteria, fungi or various micro-organisms which cause urinary tract infections.

How and when can I get it?

How can we consume an elephant? Well, the truth can be told in different ways:

Investment: In large supermarkets and herbalists to boil the leaves of this plant or to buy pre-made infusion bags.
Capsules: which we can find in herbalists and para pharmacies.
Salads: Here are the people who prefer the direct consumption of salads

For example, when we can take hawthorn, we will say that it is advisable to take it when we are ready to rest or go to bed. It is not highly recommended to take it before starting all-day activities.


Hawthorn, like almost all products, should be used with caution and especially under the supervision of a professional or your family doctor or trust.

Having said that, we will say that this is a product that has some contraindications. The following people should not use Hawthorn:

People with hypertension: People who suffer from high or low blood pressure or who are taking medication for this problem.
People with heart disease: People who have medication for heart or circulatory problems, as taking hawthorn may increase the effects of the said medication.
Pregnancy: Diseases: Because too much of it can cause problems during pregnancy.

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