How to Fight Insomnia Naturally

How many hours do you sleep What is the quality of your sleep? There are a lot of people who face horrible situations every night, sneezing and turning in bed and not being able to sleep. Many studies recommend many good qualities and sleep times to avoid our health problems such as irritability, daytime sleepiness, or lack of concentration. But how can I fight insomnia naturally?

Below in this article, we explain some of the tips. you can use to improve our sleep quality and start coping with severe insomnia.

9 Tips to Fight insomnia naturally

fight insomnia naturally


Routine is a factor that can help us fight insomnia. We should try, as much as possible, to always go to bed and get up at the same time, whether it is a week or a holiday. This is how we exercise the body for its rest hours.

The watch

Sometimes we get overwhelmed when we see that we are not sleeping and we look at the clock again and again. All of these options make us more nervous, avoid it. The best thing is that you don’t look at the clock, don’t worry, spend your time sleeping, and don’t worry about whatever time it is.

Avoid problems

Easy to say? But you have to work so that once we go to sleep we get rid of the trouble. There is no point in giving a thousand twists of the head for hours about any problem that bothers us, we should know that this is our moment of rest and we should avoid getting contaminated with problems. I know it’s hard, but if you try, after a while you will see your room and your bed as a place of peace and comfort where nothing can bother you.

Physical exercise

As you know it is very important to exercise regularly to maintain good health. To do a moderate amount of physical exercise, it is recommended to avoid doing it a few hours before bed, the ideal is to do a little exercise three or four hours before bed. Don’t do too much physical exercise, too much fatigue causes us not to rest well.

The dreaded siesta

Nap is a real pleasure, but for those who have anorexia nervosa, it is advisable not to take nap. Avoid sleeping during the day and if this is the case and you can’t avoid it, just try to sleep for 30 minutes, no more.

Alcohol and tobacco

As you may already know, alcohol and tobacco use are very harmful to our health, but there are interesting things that we can’t sleep about when it comes to sleeping and resting properly. It’s best not to take them, but if that’s the case, never take them before bed.

The importance of dinner

Dinner is important for the elimination of insomnia. We should not eat dinner before going to bed. An hour or two before bedtime is better than dinner and most of all, don’t eat too much. If we eat a mature dinner before bed, it is very likely that we will not rest properly.

Avoid caffeine and theine

Excessive consumption of products such as caffeine and theine should be avoided, especially four or six hours before bedtime. Caffeine and theine are the same molecules but with different actions, on the one hand, caffeine activates us faster, and, although, theine activates us more slowly its action is longer. Regular and prolonged consumption of these molecules can alter our comfort, in case of insomnia, it is advisable to avoid their consumption.

Create a relaxed atmosphere in our room

It is very important to create a quiet environment in our room with a favorable temperature for sleeping. What does this mean? That we would just go to bed. Therefore, we will not use the bed for watching television or reading, or for video game consoles or mobile phones. We must recognize our bed as a place to relax and rest.

The Bottom line

Hopefully, these simple tips and routines will help you get the best rest and quality in your sleep. But if you are more bothered by sleep deprivation. Therefore, we always recommend that you consult your doctor.

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