11 Effective Simple Ways to Relieve Stress

In everyday life, there are a lot of situations or a lot of people that affect us and cause us a stressful situation, which sometimes we can’t solve as we want.

It is for this reason that today, the so-called stress is fashionable. There are many of us who can endure stress at some point or the other, at work or at home. But nothing. So first of all, in this article, we need to know what is called stress.

What is stress?

Stress is a state of mental fatigue caused by external performance, or by itself, higher than normal demand. Stress can also cause physical reactions in our body such as sweating, cold, shivering, etc. Stress is a reaction we experience when we want to do things but can’t do them even if we want to or, simply, we can’t do them (lack of knowledge, overwork, etc.), This is when the problem appears. There are other possible causes of stress.

Stressful situations will always exist. For all of this, and for the negative impact that stressful situations in our lives are unable to resolve, below, we will describe a series of tips to help you cope and avoid stress in your daily life.

11 Tips For Reducing Stress

Simple Ways to Relieve Stress


Delegates who can help us deal with stress, especially in the workplace, even at home. The delegation is closely related to the previous section. Saying no and handing over the work to someone else can help us lift some of the burdens and avoid future stressful situations. This role helps us to recognize and understand our limitations that we must depend on other people to fulfill the necessary job or role.


Set a range of priorities. This means that whenever possible when we start something we should complete it before starting the next task. Sometimes we get stressed because we start a lot of things at once and we don’t finish any of them, it causes us frustration and combat stress. The best part is that once we start something, we finish it and once we finish something else.


Exercising regularly can help relieve stress. Exercise keeps our body secreting endorphins that help us relax and improve our health.

Be consistent

We need to be consistent with ourselves and understand where our limitations lie. We must not agree to do things or make promises that we cannot develop. These situations are the real cause of our stress. Therefore, we must learn to say no. Having said that, no, at any time, it can put a strain on our moods and help us take care of ourselves.

Correct feeding

We need to take a proper and balanced diet, this way our body and brain will need its vitamins, amino acids, and proteins to function properly. In addition, we must drink 2 liters of breast water every day to stay hydrated. Good hydration and nutrition will make us feel better and it will help reduce our stress.

Recurring situations

Identify situations that cause you stress and rule them out. Sometimes there are situations that only cause us stress. Well, you have to identify and eliminate them, either permanently or for a while.

Breathe and stay calm

The first thing we should do is breathe before the combat stress. We should try to analyze the situation and breathe slowly and calmly. This will give us time to relax and think clearly.

Your bed – Your temple

Rest is essential for good mental and physical functioning. We should go to bed in six or eight hours so that our body can recover and prepare for the next day. When we don’t rest properly, the day becomes difficult for us, we should sleep. And to sleep well, we must make it clear that our room or bed is a comfort zone where we must not let trouble enter. Create a pleasant environment that helps you get rid of stress all day long.

A warm bath or shower

Taking a hot shower or bath before going to bed is a good natural relief for our body. A hot bath helps to relax our muscles and thus we will relax a lot, it will also improve our brain.

Avoid relieving stress with toxic products

It is a big mistake to use tobacco or alcohol to relieve stress. Tobacco and alcohol give us too much stress. Therefore, if you suffer from stress, you should avoid consuming these products. However, the biggest truth is that these products and their consumption do not contribute to anything good, so everyone should avoid them.

Eliminate the consumption of coffee or caffeine

If you are going through a period of stress, we should avoid drinking beverages that can exacerbate the growing stress. Replace coffee with drinks that help us relax, such as chamomile, thyme, and more.

The Bottom line

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are a lot of situations or people in our day to day life that are causing us stress. Therefore, we need to change the “chip” and rely on these series of recommendations to help us avoid falling into the trap of constant stress. If you are still not relieving stress after reading the above recommendations, you should call your healthcare provider. Which is very important.

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