How to keep your Hands Hydrated in Winter

During the winter months, our skin temperature changes drastically which we experience when we go in and out of a warm environment (such as an office or our home), exposing ourselves to the wind, cold, and rain. Due to these changes in temperature, cold, and humidity, our hands can become dehydrated, which can lead to excessive dryness and cracks.

How can we avoid dry skin in winter?

Using a special cream for hand skin care is the easiest and most common way to maintain the best care for our hands. The importance of looking for healthy and hydrated feet, sometimes we use the same lotion to hydrate the whole body, while the skin of our face, feet, and hands, it is. Not similar to the rest of our body and for this reason, we need special creams for each area of ​​our body to get the best results.

What does a cream or oil have to carry for our hands?

An ideal cream or oil for our hands should include an extra supply of collagen, minerals, sun protection from UVA – UVB rays, vitamin E, and a pinch of rose. Rosehip can help us avoid scars and blemishes that may appear on our hands. We should keep in mind that our hands are experiencing dizziness, itching, and sudden changes in temperature, for these reasons we should hydrate them with special creams.

It is best to go to your nearest pharmacy and check which hand cream is best for your hands. It is not the same if we suffer from dermatitis or dry skin, so it is very important for us to find the right cream.

Help your hands by maintaining natural hydration

Another way to hydrate our hands is to avoid certain habits that can be harmful to our hands. However, the most important thing is to maintain hydration from the inside out, ie, we should drink the recommended amount of water to keep our body hydrated in perfect condition.
there are habits that we can avoid and that harms the care of the skin of our hands.

  • The use of inferior soaps should be avoided and soaps with a neutral pH should be used to help protect our skin from excessive dryness.
  • Try to avoid hand dryers as much as possible. Hot air causes dryness in our hands which can damage them. The best thing is that we dry our hands with a towel or paper.
  • At this time of year, with heating, in many homes, we do not have to worry about maintaining the best humidity in the environment. Heat can dry out the environment and we
  • should avoid this situation because the dry environment is harmful. We need to properly ventilate our home and control the humidity level.

The Bottom line

If we want to avoid damaging our hands on the coldest days of the year, drying out and leaving some cracks, we can do the best we can with a moisturizing cream or oil. We take care of collagen, nutrients, vitamins, and sun protection. In addition, we should take care of the internal hydration of our skin (drink the recommended amount of water) and avoid certain habits that can dry out our hands.

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