Use of tomatoes to prevent prostate cancer

What would you say if you knew how to prevent prostate cancer, discovering that there are options for prostate care that are at your fingertips?
These options are easy to provide in the market and at a very affordable price.

The colors of foods represent great characteristics and benefits, but if you use some foods that are not beneficial for your health, you will certainly have significant improvements, solving some problems, such as:

  • Urination
  • Burning when urinating;
  • Willingness to urinate hourly;
  • Going to the bathroom at night, called nocturia;

Having the feeling that you have never finished emptying your bladder.
Regarding how to prevent prostate cancer, for your protection, or even if you have already been diagnosed with prostatic hyperplasia, it is time to invest in red nutrients rich in lycopene. And there, we have a list of foods, starting with tomatoes, followed by watermelon, red guava, strawberry, raspberry, and even papaya.

What is lycopene

What is lycopene?

Foods that have strong reddish hues are rich in lycopene, a phytonutrient that acts as a powerful antioxidant.
For the intake of foods containing lycopene, the recommended amount is, on average, four or five fruits and vegetables per day.

Do tomatoes prevent prostate cancer?

An examination by Ohio State University with men who might experience prostatectomy followed the expansion in plasma lycopene focus in men who got 142 to 198 grams of pureed tomatoes, 2 to 2.75 cups of soup tea of tomato daily or 325 to 488 ml of tomato squeeze a day.

In the three arrangements, the expansion in lycopene focus was 71 percent in patients who got pureed tomatoes, 66 percent in the individuals who got tomato soup, and 59 percent in the individuals who got tomato juice.

Did you perceive how a pureed tomato lessens the danger of prostate cancer? This implies you need to wager and contribute, indeed, in your nourishment for a solid life and away from malignant cancer.

Tomato benefit beyond prostate cancer prevention:

The impacts of lycopene present in tomatoes go beyond the prostate. Exploration shows that this substance is likewise significant for the brain.

There are considers that accentuate that lycopene has the ability to address the memory and learning shortfall initiated by the high convergence of beta-amyloid protein and, in this way, tomatoes become a possible possibility for Alzheimer’s treatment.

So, I want to share with you something simple that you can do at home: a tomato sauce!

How to prepare a tomato sauce to prevent prostate cancer?

when you cut and saute the tomatoes over low warmth with a little olive oil, this warming builds the bioavailability of lycopene. Hence, making a homemade tomato sauce with a few tomatoes is an incredible alternative to exploit the anticancer capability of this substance.

Perceive that it is so natural to make pureed tomatoes that diminish the danger of prostate malignant growth?

In any case, remember! It is not enough to just prioritize your food based on red foods and forget about other colors, which are also very promising.
A colorful dish, with more than 5 colors, is the source of a protective diet. Not to mention that dark green foods, especially spinach, are very suitable for male health.

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