Reflux: know the best natural remedies

Today I want to talk especially to you who have reflux, a symptom that has grown worldwide, according to a survey carried out by a laboratory that produces chemical medicines for this disease. And I decided to talk about it because the truth is that the drug solutions presented to those who have this disease are as common as they are dangerous.

I say this because Omeprazole is probably the most suitable medication for those living with sensations such as regurgitation, dry cough, and nausea after a meal. Per year, the sale of these drugs for reflux moves between R $ 25 and R $ 50 million, according to the data.

The problem is that this drug does not act on the root cause of the disease … and the side effects credited to this drug are not few.

In an observational examination from the University of Hong Kong and University College London, England, 63,000 grown-ups were partitioned, followed for a long time, and isolated into two gatherings. The first took drugs from the family “prazol”. The second isn’t.

The results show that after one year of use: the likelihood of developing stomach cancer has increased five times.

What is the cause of reflux?

When you eat, all the food goes to your stomach, isn’t that so? At his passageway, there is a valve called cardio that fills in as though it were the gathering’s safety officer. He opens the entryway when somebody is showing up, yet when he understands that the house has arrived at the greatest limit, he shuts the passage until everything is settled.

There are two sensors that actuate the cardia: one is simply the stomach limit and the other is the acidity – normal for the stomach. At the point when gastric juice, framed essentially by hydrochloric corrosive, starts to seem to process food, the cardia closes with the goal that everything functions admirably.

Well then.

In a reflux circumstance, the cardia loses the thought and the basis for opening and shutting. Without the valve working, the fastener can stay open when it ought not. With this, the acridity that was simply to remain in the stomach does the contrary way, harming the pharynx, the windpipe, and the whole start of the stomach related framework, in a pattern of irritation.

Result? Reflux and symptoms that bother and take away peace even in moments without food.

Almost always, people associate that it is the excess of acid that drives the cardia mad, causing gastric juice to go out through the wrong door. My experience shows, however, that the deficiency of this liquid is also harmful and can mess up the safety of your digestion.

This is where the X of the question lies.

The “pleasures” of life lack the intelligence to know whether your case is excess or deficiency of hydrochloric acid. Therefore, the drug works by exterminating the hydrochloric acid so important for your body.
Truly, you may even feel relief from burning. In any case, it jumbles up the working of the cardia and the outcome is reflux at whatever point you attempt to quit taking the medication.

What is the best natural supplement for acid reflux?

As I stated, in my examination I discovered plants that have the ability to arrange the elements of your cardia valve.

The Guacatonga (Casearia sylvestris) and Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) are only two models that, when taken together, help to adjust the activity of the valve tachycardia, decrease aggravation and soothe side effects. Best of all: no drawn-out reactions whenever utilized securely and safely.

For this, it is important to realize how to recognize natural herbs, to realize how to blend them, and the most ideal approach to utilize them to improve the impacts and that is the thing that I propose to do and to educate.

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