How to Treat Hemorrhoids Naturally at Home

Hemorrhoids are a disease. Also known as Piles. This has become a common problem for people around the world. Because hemorrhoids are in a taboo area, most people are embarrassed to talk about them. And the resulting pain, swelling, itching or frequent bleeding, etc. are quietly tolerated. This condition can sometimes be debilitating. Although hemorrhoids are not fatal, they can sometimes be so severe that they can disrupt normal life. So here are some home remedies to prevent the pain caused by hemorrhoids. Which can help reduce the pain of your hemorrhoids. But if this is an early stage of the disease. otherwise, you need to see a doctor.

As you know, hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the anus. Due to this, it is very difficult to sit. However, hemorrhoids can have many causes. So what are the causes of hemorrhoids? Take a look below to find out.

  • constipation
  • overweight
  • low fiber diet
  • during pregnancy
  • a family history of hemorrhoids
  • sitting on the toilet for a long time,
  • straining to have a bowel movement

6 Best Home Remedies for Piles

Sitz bath

Sitz bath is a great home remedy to relieve pain, itching, irritation, etc. caused by hemorrhoids. This bath can bring you relief. This is because hemorrhoids relax the swollen veins in the anus.

So what to do. For the Sitz bath, first of all, you need hot water in a bathtub. And then sit from 20-25 for a bath in it. This will reduce your irritation. This way you can do it two or three times a day.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is also a great home remedy for pain relief from hemorrhoids. Aloe vera is a plant. Which has been used in the field of aesthetics for many years. Because Aloe vera has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Relieves inflammation and itching caused by hemorrhoids.
Cut a leaf of aloe vera to treat hemorrhoids. And apply it to the affected area. Let sit for 10–15 minutes. You can repeat this process two to three times a day. But one thing to keep in mind is that the area must be thoroughly cleaned before applying it.


Potatoes are food as well as an excellent natural remedy for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Because it also has anti-inflammatory properties. Which helps in relieving the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids.
To use potatoes for the treatment of hemorrhoids, first cut and grind them. And wrap it in a handkerchief and apply it on the affected area. Especially after you have a bowel movement. And Ish can apply several times a day for 10-15 minutes.


Garlic is also a natural powerful remedy to reduce pain in the anal area of ​​a person suffering from hemorrhoids. Because it has anti-inflammatory properties. Which can prevent pain as well as prevent this disease.
Then to use garlic for the treatment of hemorrhoids, first, crush the garlic and put it in water, and boil it. And then when it cools down
Apply to external hemorrhoids. And for internal hemorrhoids, you will put it in the anus. Leave it on overnight.


Chamomile is also a great aid in reducing the pain, itching, and swelling caused by hemorrhoids. Because it also has anti-inflammatory properties. And its use has been considered effective for many years for the treatment of digestive ailments like stomach ache, diarrhea, etc. Then add dry chamomile powder in water to use it. Boil it. And when cool, apply it on the affected area with the help of cotton cloth, etc. for 10-15 minutes.

Coconut oil

You can also use coconut oil to relieve the pain caused by hemorrhoids. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it can help relieve pain and itching.
Take coconut oil first. And apply it to the affected area. You can repeat this process 2 times a day. But one thing to always remember is that the area should be thoroughly clean.


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