Natural Remedy To Control High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the most common cardiovascular problem affecting the body, but only half of the majority are aware of it. Also known as hypertension, high blood pressure is an improper elevation of blood pressure. That is, when the blood pressure rises to a maximum of 140-150 and a minimum of 90, the patient is considered to have high blood pressure. The incidence of vascular hypertension occurs in 20% of people over 40 years of age. In other words, one in five citizens over the age of 40 will be hypertensive.

In 90% of cases, the causes of hypertension are unknown. Only a small proportion is due to kidney disease or advanced endocrine disease. People who are overweight and diabetic have a higher risk of high blood pressure. However, with weight loss, control is achieved. High blood pressure can have many consequences on the cardiovascular system. Such as coronary artery disease, ulcerosclerotics, angina pectoris, heart attack, or cerebrovascular problems that can lead to stroke. And from the age of 70-80, it can result in arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation. Dietary foods help treat high blood pressure, as they eliminate salt which is the main enemy and lowers blood pressure.

Natural Remedy For High Blood Pressure Control

Natural Remedy For High Blood Pressure


Celery: Celery seeds stimulate blood circulation, and celery itself acts as a rejuvenator and cleanser. It is very helpful in lowering blood pressure.
Cucumber: Being very rich in water has very anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties, and it acts as a detoxifier.
Garlic: Garlic powder should be consumed in fresh capsules or fresh, it reduces the weakness of small veins. Relieves symptoms of hypertension such as dizziness, and helps keep the pulse at a normal rate. Clears the blood and activates the cardiovascular system. Try taking raw garlic cloves in the morning.
Brown Rice: Rice is low in cholesterol and low in salt, making it a good remedy for high blood pressure. Relieves the effects of hypertension on the nervous system and its symptoms.
Dandelion: A dandelion tea helps reduce water retention in the body. This is powerful urine, although it is not yet scientifically proven, so consult your doctor before consuming it.
Watermelon: Watermelon is considered to be a preventive agent against high blood pressure as it dilates blood vessels and lowers blood pressure.
Olive leaves: These promote blood circulation and are very useful in case of high triglyceride levels.

Other Natural Remedies

Linden: An infusion helps relieve sleep and digestive problems caused by hypertension, as it has a vasodilator effect.
Banana: Banana is rich in potassium which helps in balancing the blood pressure level.
Walnuts: Walnuts are rich in potassium and protect against coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension.
Cardamom: Drinking herbal tea with cardamom and ginger controls high blood pressure levels.
Hawthorn berry: Hawthorn has many benefits for the cardiovascular system as its flowers and leaves have a calming and hypoxic effect.

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