There is no vitamin effective against coronavirus, understand

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, several rumors on the Internet partner the fix of the disease with a vitamin, despite the fact that there are no logical examinations that suggest that the disease caused by the new coronavirus can be cured by any food.

In the United States, Indian-American researcher Shiva Ayyadurai, 56, made a stir when he said that a couple of vitamins were sufficient for the body to slaughter the coronavirus.

Experts recommend balanced nutrition

There are no marvels in vials of vitamin complexes to be purchased in pharmacies. But keeping up a solid and varied diet plentiful in vitamins adds to the best possible working of the immune system and protection of the body against infections.

Silvia Cozzolino, the teacher at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and specialist at the USP Food Research Center, highlights the role of zinc, a mineral found in clams, shellfish and different wellsprings of creature birthplace and which is significant for development, metabolic responses and, for the most part for the protection of the life form.
“He is the most significant from the perspective of the immune system. In excess of 500 thousand compounds rely upon zinc for its working “, he says, including that veggie lover individuals, for the most part, have low qualities ​​in the body and that in these cases supplementation is suggested.

The president of the Nutrition Association of the Federal District, Glaucia Rodrigues Medeiros, adds that zinc deficiency, in addition to impairing development, also affects the immune response and the respiratory system. If consumption is excessive, however, it can impair the absorption of other minerals, such as copper and iron, in addition to causing changes in the nervous system, say the experts.

“Viruses are opportunistic”

“It is significant that people realize that there is no distributed investigation saying that either nutrient will bring a solution for the disease”, strengthens Medeiros, saying that everything that could possibly be said is that a sound insusceptible immune system is important to fight any virus.

“We have to think that viruses are opportunistic and will manifest themselves in people whose immune systems are weakened”; micronutrients, she says, advance resistant capacities.

Vitamins A and D likewise role a role in shielding the body. Medeiros highlights the antioxidant activity of vitamin A, present in offal, liver, dull green vegetables, and orange vegetables, for example, carrots. It is this activity that makes it help the resistance, notwithstanding adding to the development of teeth, collagen, and improvement of vision.

Cozzolino includes that zinc is additionally significant in this: it transports vitamin A in the body. Therefore, if there is a lack of the mineral, the absorption of the vitamin is also compromised. Vitamin deficiency can even lead to blindness, especially in children, in addition to decreasing the activity of defense cells.

The educator at USP says, be that as it may, that supplementation of this vitamin isn’t shown for the elderly, since its abundance isn’t wiped out by the body. As antagonistic impacts of abundance nutrient, Medeiros features the dryness of the skin, going bald and body torment.

Vitamin D deficiency can increase inflammation in the body

The nutrient D is another victor of notices on the Internet for its alleged advantages to the immune system.

Its principal work is the distribution of calcium in the bones, yet it acts in excess of 200 functions in the body, says Medeiros, who likewise highlights the role it really plays in the immune system. “There are a few investigations connecting nutrient D shortfall to immune system illnesses. Its absence can expand irritation in the body “, he says.

Nutritionists point out that the vitamin is produced by the body from exposure to sunlight, just 15 minutes a day to guarantee the recommended dose for young people. She explains that in the elderly the vitamin synthesis is lower; therefore, a deficiency is more common in them.

Wellsprings of vitamin D incorporate cod liver oil, fish, sardines, eggs, fish, and offal. Like vitamin A, its abundance isn’t killed from the body, and one of the unfavorable impacts is the calcification of tissues by the body, which clarifies Medeiros.

Vitamins C and E are also important

Teacher reviews that vitamin C and vitamin E, present in citrus foods grown from the ground oils, separately, just as selenium, found in nuts, is additionally significant for the immune system.

He recommends supplementation on account of the elderly, yet at low qualities, near everyday consumption, as a few variables, for example, the higher admission of medications in this age gathering, compromise the absorption of nutrients.
Medeiros thinks that even in these cases, it is advisable to counsel a nutritionist, to ensure that all the missing nutrients are replaced. “The absence of the nutrient is destructive in the body, yet so is the abundance. The perfect is consistently to adjust “, he says.

Specialized expert for the Brazilian Nutrition Association, she calls attention to that it is imperative to offer inclination to the utilization of non-prepared nourishments and recollect that supplements are corresponding to one another.

“A nutrient has no one of a kind activity on the body and it additionally needs others to work appropriately. We have to work with regards to wellbeing all in all. “

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