Natural Ways To Take Care Of Your Skin In Winter

Climate change causes the body to face many problems. Of these, skin problems are the most common we are always worried about. But taking care of our skin in summer is just as important as taking care of it in winter. During the winter our skin changes abruptly, sometimes we go to very hot places and then we go out, which means that our skin changes abruptly. This change affects the health of our skin, especially in moist areas such as our hands, face, and neck.

In addition, if we take good care of our skin in the winter, we can help prepare our skin to face the next summer with strength.
So in this article, we will discuss with you some of the recommendations and suggestions. Which can help take care of your skin in winter.

11 Natural Tips for Winter Skin Care


Sometimes we think that it is not necessary to apply sun protection on our skin during winter. Well, this widespread idea is absolutely false. We must protect our skin from the sun every day of the year. Especially if we are going to play outside or we are exposed to the sun for a long time, we should protect our open areas to protect our skin from unnecessary pain.

Drinking water

During the summer, due to the extreme heat, we need to drink more water to hydrate our bodies. Well, even in winter it is just as important that we drink more than the recommended amount of water two liters a day so that our body can have good hydration, and eliminate toxins and, of course, our To hydrate and care for the skin.

Dry your body well

It is very important that in the winter season, we should dry our whole body thoroughly to protect our skin from damage. Dryers We should dry the area behind the ears and nose or between the toes that retain moisture.

Take care of your lips

One of the areas we pay less attention to during the winter is our lips. Well, this area of our skin suffers from cold and wind during winter. It is important to take care of them with lip balm which helps them to maintain proper hydration and thus prevent them from cutting and dehydrating.

Avoid tobacco and alcohol

Tobacco and alcohol consumption is something that harms our skin. Both of these substances are very harmful to our body and one of the organs that causes the most pain is the skin. We should avoid consuming both of these products.

Do not use abrasive products

We should avoid using highly soluble substances or products for our skin. These products can be very harmful to our skin, which is sold in the market.

Lean on antioxidant products

Consumption of antioxidant products helps to eliminate toxins from our body and prevent our body from getting old. That’s why we should eat a diet rich in antioxidants, this way we will help our skin and our body in general.

Take care of your skin from within

It is also important to take care of the skin internally as well as externally. In winter we should eat healthy, balanced and vitamin C rich food most of all. On many occasions during the winter, we eat a slightly healthier diet than in the summer. We must remember that it is the best way to take care of our skin.

Do not shower with excessively hot water

Sometimes we continue to bathe in very hot water due to cold in winter days. This tendency is very negative for our skin, as it is exposed to high temperatures which can damage it and dehydrate it. It is best to take a warm bath or shower, which allows our skin to relax and heal properly.

Moisturize your skin with the help of creams

It is best to hydrate our skin after a hot shower, because our skin pores open after bathing or showering, we can take the opportunity to use an appropriate cream that helps our skin get proper hydration. Helps with, special emphasis on the knees, hands, elbows, feet, and facial areas. Because these areas are drier than other areas of our body. Remember to use special creams for each area of ​​your skin. It’s not just about using moisture for our bodies as it is for our faces.

We must be careful with each type of skin

Everyone’s skin is different, others have sensitive, atopic, or oily skin. This is why we should consult with our doctor to find out what is the best cream and what is best for our particular case.

The Bottom line

Our skin is the largest organ in our body, we should take care of it in both winter and summer. A healthy diet, proper hydration, avoiding excessive moisture, cleaning at a suitable temperature are some of the keys to helping our body take care of our skin.

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