9 Effective Home Remedies To Relieve Toothache

Dental problems are a problem that can affect people of any age around the world. Toothache is a very common physical discomfort. But sometimes the toothache can be so severe that it can be considered unbearable. There can be many reasons for this. And as a result, the patient suffers greatly. It can reach the teeth, nearby areas, jaws, and face. This can result in poor cleaning of your teeth. In addition, sensitivity to hot or cold food, tooth enamel, boils, toothbrushes, dental infections, temporomandibular joint problems, etc. is the major cause of toothache. Toothache can get worse and worse gradually. Therefore, its treatment is very important. Because teeth are also a small part of the mouth in our body. If you also have pain in the teeth. You may need medical help. However, you can solve this problem yourself. Because we will talk about some home remedies. Which can help you get relief from toothache.

9 Home Remedies For A Toothache

Rinse with salt water:

Wash with salt water is the best home remedy for toothache because saltwater contains natural disinfectants. Which can help eliminate germs present on the teeth. In addition, it can aid in the removal of food particles trapped between the teeth. Saltwater is considered to be effective in reducing toothache as well as inflammation. To use this remedy mix a little salt in a glass of warm water. Then rinse your mouth with this water.

Cold compress:

Cold compresses can also be used to relieve toothache. But if your pain is caused by some kind of trauma. Because when you apply cold compresses, it causes narrowing of the blood vessels. This makes the pain feel less. In addition, cold compresses can reduce any inflammation and inflammation. To use this remedy, grab an ice bag. Then apply it to the affected area for 10-15 minutes. Repeat this for a few minutes. This will help reduce your toothache.

Rinse with hydrogen peroxide:

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the home remedies for toothache.
This is because it will help relieve your toothache and inflammation. In addition, it can kill bacteria, reduce dental plaque and heal bleeding gums. Dilute hydrogen peroxide with water to use this remedy. Then use it as a mouthwash. This will help in relieving toothache.

Peppermint tea bag:

Peppermint tea is one of the home remedies for toothache. This is because it has anti-inflammatory properties. Which can help numb the pain and relieve sensitive gums. To use this remedy keep the peppermint tea bag in the fridge to cool. Then apply to the affected area of ​​your teeth after cooling. Thus peppermint tea bags will help in relieving toothache.


Due to the medicinal properties of garlic, it has been used for many years to reduce pain and swelling. Garlic has potent anti-inflammatory properties. Which can eliminate bacteria that damage teeth. In this way, it can also work to relieve toothache. To use it, you can also chew garlic cloves directly. In addition, you can also apply it to the affected area of ​​the tooth by preparing a paste by crushing its clove.

Vanilla extract:

Vanilla is a spice. Which can help in numbing the toothache. This is because of its anti-oxidant properties. Which can help relieve any kind of soreness, swelling and pain. To use it, apply the vanilla extract directly to the affected area with the help of a cotton ball. This will help relieve the pain.


Cloves are considered one of the natural remedies for toothache. Because its oil has eugenol and natural antiseptic properties. Which can help numb any kind of pain. To use this remedy, apply Clove oil to the affected area with the help of a cotton ball. Repeat this several times a day. In addition, you can crush the Clove and apply it to the painful area of the tooth.


Thyme is a herb with powerful antibacterial and antioxidant properties. So it can help reduce toothache. To relieve toothache in this way, apply a few drops of thyme oil on the affected area of the tooth with the help of a cotton ball. But before using this oil, dilute it with water.

Guava leaves:

Guava leaves are one of the natural remedies to reduce toothache. This is because guava leaves have anti-inflammatory properties. Which is known to heal wounds. In addition, the antimicrobial properties present in it play an important role in oral hygiene. To relieve toothache, chew fresh guava leaves during the day. Alternatively, you can wash your mouth by boiling its leaves in water.

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