What Is Propolis? Benefits Of Propolis For Your Throat

Propolis is a resinous substance. Produced primarily by bees, obtained from plant sources such as tree trunks, snakes, or other plant sources. It is a wonderful and natural substance, with sudden changes in temperature between day and night, in the interiors of institutions, homes, and various places where we work and the temperature With the difference of, pollution of cities and its outskirts. Dust propolis is the best ally for their sore throat with their irritation and inflammation.

What Do Bees Use Propolis For?

Bees use this resinous substance, which is propolis, as a sealant, varnish, and is even believed to be a disinfectant.

Sealant: Propolis has the ability to seal cracks that are no more than a specific width of about 6mm, will use mixed propolis in bees for cracks, and for upper cracks, they will only use wax for its elasticity and sealing properties. Will.
Varnish: the bees varnish almost the entire hive with this substance and it is thought that they also use it to seal against external elements. In this way, propolis is used to give the hive more cohesion and strength. But not everything is there, from propolis they also obtain one of the last primitive properties that we will describe below.
Disinfectant: this substance, which is propolis, is known to be a powerful disinfectant. It is for this reason that it is believed that bees also varnish almost the entire hive with it, in this way it is strengthened and disinfected against possible infections that may appear or affect it.

Different Uses, Properties, And Benefits Of Propolis

Propolis for Throat

Flu: Propolis is the most effective natural remedy against the flu.

Antitussive: This is a natural remedy for colds and annoying dry cough or whooping cough.
Natural Antibiotics: Due to its antiseptic properties, it is almost classified as a natural antibiotic, which is essential in the processes of throat infections, where we find painful plaques.

Anti-inflammatory: Propolis has anti-inflammatory properties, which is why we can use propolis against severe laryngitis and pharyngitis. So it reduces the annoying inflammation of different parts of our throat, life in those moments. Gives a little easier and more convenient speech when we can’t even communicate.

We can give propolis a use against oral problems: Propolis can also be an indispensable ally in maintaining the health of our mouth. We can sometimes treat mouth ulcers with himself and even the annoying phlegmons are sometimes treated with propolis. But, as we pointed out above, always under the medical supervision of the relevant specialist.

It can be used as a disinfectant in some wounds. This is a powerful product. We, therefore, recommend that you always use it under relevant medical supervision, which is normal, and depending on the condition and how we apply it. Can give a sensation and irritation. So be careful and consult your doctor.

The Bottom Line

Propolis, like many other natural substances, has a large number of properties. The disinfectant power that propolis gives us naturally, under a responsible and guided consumption, can help relieve our sore throat. Propolis is a great help for people who suffer from severe sore throats during climate change.
Propolis is a powerful substance that can contain contraceptives, so before using it, we recommend that you consult your trusted doctor so that you can enjoy its benefits.

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